FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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The Material Yard, Inc. gets lots of calls every day. We diligently try to answer your questions. Some questions pop up much more often than others. We tried to address these issues here—but don’t hesitate to call or stop in to talk to one of our friendly sales people.

Where are you Located?

The Material Yard Inc. is located at 1340 South Butterfield Road just 1 block North of Illinois Route 60. (see map to right)

How much material is in a cubic YARD?

Just imagine your bathtub full of the material. That is approximately 1 cubic yard.

How deep should my mulch be in my flower beds?

As a rule, mulch should cover the entire area with a three inch depth.

How much material will I need?

Length X Width X Height is the easiest calculation for Cubic Measurements. But to make it even easier, you can download materials calculation chart using the link to the right to help you decide how much (or little) to order once you have measured the area.

Why is brick paver better than concrete?

Brick Paver, firstly, has a beautiful look. It is modular in nature, therefore easier to repair and adjust as the ground shifts. Consider most concrete surfaces have “cross” shaped control joints. Each brick has four--in a much smaller area.

How Big is a roll of sod?

One roll of sod is Five feet long by two feet wide.

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Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver using our own trucks and drivers.

Do you do installations?

Glad you asked! Yes we do! We are expert at providing the best services to make your home and property a thing of beauty!

  • Asphalt and Concrete installation and removal.
  • Install and repair all kinds of Brick Paver Projects.
  • Landscape installation and maintenance

How do you install sod?

Green side up.

Are you insured?

Yes. In an age when many contractors are not, whether you use our services or not, it is important to check and ask for proof of insurance from anyone who is doing work at your home.

What is your Warranty?

We provide a full one year warranty on our products and installations.

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